Automatic Tank Cleaning

We offer Hydrocarbon Decontamination and Recovery, Sludge removal, Tank Cleaning with special equipment. We take up cleaning of crude oil tanks of all capacities up to utmost satisfaction level of our esteemed clients. Crude oil tank bottoms are typically high in hydrocarbons, it is a valuable raw material which can be recovered and recycled back to the refining process. When crude tanks are cleaned, first, the sludge is removed from tank bottom and simultaneously the oil is recovered from it to benefit the end user. Tank Cleaning and oil recovery solutions are a non-man entry services designed for optimum Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance.

Our systems clean above ground oil storage tanks and recovery waste oil in a safe and efficient way. It saves Up to 80% reduction of tank cleaning time, Shorter overall tank down-time, nearly 85-90% recovery of hydrocarbons with minimal waste disposal in the APTC cleaning process.

Our Services include:

  • Crude Oil Tank Maintenance and Inspection
  • Fuel Oil Tank cleaning
  • Utility Manhole and Vault Cleaning
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning during Decommissioning and Industrial renovations
  • Oil well and Pipeline descaling